Emilee Prado

Emilee Prado is an American writer whose work has been published internationally in Canada, Malaysia, and the UK. Emilee holds a master’s in creative writing from the University of Edinburgh and a bachelor’s in film studies from the University of Colorado Boulder. She writes from ever-shifting locations in the US and abroad.

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“Yearning is not knit between her brows, fear does not make it into her small, dark eyes. All she sees is synthetic skin: peeling, fissured, cracked. Every now and then, she can feel tiny flakes of fiberglass slowly falling from her frame and beginning to collect in her hollow feet.” From Scenes from the Two-Table Bakery Shop featured in Gone Lawn

“Amidst the idle talk of gossipmongers, those with a fondness for spiritual solutions have decided that it is a curse, or perhaps a village spirit that haunts the man. Others have concluded that it is not a ghost, but unusual—yet theoretically possible—pheromone activity that surrounds Somsak.” From In His Wake featured in Anak Sastra

“That’s what I see, a caramel apple, every time I’m driving down the freeway and I round a bend and Mount Bartizan comes into view. I also see my sister.” From Birds in My Ears and the Devil on My Shoulder featured in Origami


“For those who have fallen in and out of romantic love, for those who have had simultaneous feelings of detestation and yearning for another person, for those who keep returning home: let’s talk about the dizzying cycles love can create.” From Looking at LOVE: Toni Morrison’s Construction of Desire and Obstacle featured in CRAFT

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