Emilee Prado is an American writer born and raised in the Denver metro area.

She emerged from a working-class background, and throughout high school, she held jobs as a housekeeper and department store custodian.

While studying film, literature, and psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder, she worked in the campus library’s digital archives and as a research assistant in a cognitive neuroscience lab. In 2013, she completed her bachelor’s in Film Studies.

Emilee earned her master’s in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh and funded her postgraduate education by renovating houses, landscaping, and catering events.

After becoming a certified ESL instructor, she spent half a decade teaching English in Lopburi, Thailand and Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil.

In 2020, prompted by the pandemic lockdowns, she returned to the US.

Emilee currently resides in Tucson, Arizona, where she works as a writer.

A dedication to myriad experiences continues to impel eclectic subject matter in her writing. For photographic evidence, follow her on social media.