Envy the Animals Vautrin, Volume 3, Issue 1 (Winter 2021)

Hold the Line Subnivean, issue 4 (Nov 2021)

Auditions for Interference Theory Your Impossible Voice, issue 25 (Fall 2021)

Vicarious Transubstantiation Hobart (Oct 2021)

Sheet Lightning Streetcake, issue 74.2 (Aug 2021)

The Hey Orca, issue 6 (March 2021)

Scenes from the Two-Table Bakery Shop Gone Lawn, issue 36 (Spring 2020)

Retreat — Edinburgh Showcase (May 2019)

In His WakeAnak Sastra,  issue 34 (Jan 2019)

Birds in my Ears and the Devil on My Shoulder Origami (Spring 2015)


April Showers or a Season for Everything 50 Give or Take (Vine Leaves Press, 2021)

6 x 6 On The Premises, issue 46 (Oct 2020)

The Exhibition Walkabout Creative Arts Journal , vol. 40 (2013)

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